Our Mission


Extending a hand of love and providing resources to women caught in addiction, homelessness, and sex trafficking on the streets of Columbus, Ohio.


Our Vision


This is our purpose, our passion, and our vision:

We will continue to provide hope, compassion, and love to the ladies who are

currently stuck in the bondage of sex trafficking, homelessness, and addiction. We will do this by being a constant provider of their basic needs such as: hygiene items, long-term and short-term resources, clothing, and food. Anytime a woman expresses a need for help, a desire to escape, or wants treatment we will provide a way out of the lifestyle.

In addition, we intend to be a guiding light by assisting survivors of sex trafficking, homeless, and addiction find their way to a new solid foundation in life. We will extend a helping hand to these shining starz by providing them a stable, structured, and secure housing environment. We will link them to services such as: case management, trauma counseling, employment, and schooling. Our hope is that by the time they finish our program they will have the tools needed to acclimate back into society and be successful in life.


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Hygiene Bags


Weekly Meals

These items were purchased at Aldi’s for under $25.00
and will make 18 meals:


These items were purchased at Aldi’s for under $25.00 and will make 18 meals:

  1. 1 – jar of peanut butter
  2. 1 – jar of jelly
  3. 24 – bottles of water
  4. 1 – box of sandwich bags
  5. 2 – loaves of bread
  6. 5 – bags of baby carrots
  7. 2 – bags of apples
  8. 2 – bags of pretzel sticks
  9. 2 – boxes of brownie mix

Individual Meal

This entire meal was made with the above items and only cost less than $1.40

 This entire meal was made with the items listed under "weekly meals" and  cost less than $1.40 each.